Welcome to LAHC LearnFest 2 – Back to the Future.

LearnFest is here again, this year online, and back to the future! As the world collectively deals with returning to buildings and a semblance of “normalcy”, we will explore, reflect, discuss, and design our desired future, so that lessons learned during the pandemic are capitalized for an improved learning experience.

Graduation Speech

In a unique collaborative effort, participants contributed towards a Graduation Speech, by submitting individual paragraphs, which were then assembled in what resulted a rich and coherent expression of our process, non surprisingly making sense through resonance with ideas and principles.

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LearnFesters worked for six weeks in generating ideas, mapping polarities, developing preliminary designs, rubrics based on their conceptions of learning, creating prototypes, polling for community feedback to arrive at their final conceptual designs.

Click on each of the following to view team projects:
SDGs Personal Projects
Technology for Solutions.
Student Agency.
Blended Learning.
Choice Matters.
Student Choice.
Multisensory Activities.

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The LearnFest Experience

Six weeks of shared learning and project design. Prompts, interactions, design thinking and collaboration to create a better future.

Week 1 – The Forum

Exploration and discussion of the Back to the Future Portals. Shared links and resources. Lessons learned and best practices.

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Week 2 – Ideas for Projects

Development of master rubric for project feedback. Design Learning concepts and process.

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Week 3 – Design Iteration 1

Feedback on ideas. Research and development of project topics.

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Week 4 – Design Iteration 2

Creating a community project survey. Prototype development, testing criteria.

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Week 5 – Prototype

Publication of prototype. Community survey at LAHC schools. Incorporating feedback.

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Week 6 – The Gallery

Definitive version of projects. Projects Gallery. Next steps and projects development and implementation.

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