The self-directed learner


Through skills transparency students self-certify and gain credit to work in different ways and in different contexts. Different ways – using certain digital applications (imovie) or core subject competencies (persuasive writing) / Different contexts – independent learner (Thornberg’s cave – at home or your own space at school), team player (The watering hole – in independent groups working outside the classroom setting or at a less advanced level working in supervised teams in the classroom), storyteller-session leader (Thornberg’s campfire). Students opportunities to work in these contexts depend on self-assessed skills rubrics and the actual progress they make in these contexts


Initially school leaders who are willing to buy into the concept and a team of teachers from participating schools to develop skill certification components. The actual target audience/participants are the students themselves so there would be a critical point at which students would need to pilot this approach and parents would need to understand the importance and benefit of working this way.

Where/when do you plan to start implementing it? For how long? 

This will depend upon the applicability of self-assessed skills rubrics to certain school levels or subject areas. The project would sit very well in an transdisciplinary primary programme or an inter-disciplinary secondary school programme but could equally be adapted up (High School) or down (Kinder)

It would be great to develop the skills based components over the coming months (northern hemisphere) to pilot after spring break or at a similarly convenient time in the southern hemisphere.