Providing students with choices based on progress.

Description of the idea

Developing the learning environment to promote engaging learning opportunities. This needs to be accessible to different learning styles and abilities.
Quality professional development for teachers is needed so the leaders feel confident of how to take this idea forwards, how to question and further challenge the learners.
Flexibility is key as people need to be free to adapt the length of units according to the learners’ interests.
Fluidity of the teaching environment- do learner’s need to sit in a fixed space or can they move to different learning environments to focus on skills that they want/ need to learn.
Learners being clear how to be a successful learner.

What would we see happening in schools when the project is implemented?

Engaged learners.
A reduction of the clear difference between the student and teacher.
A reduction of negative behavioural issues.
Other needs will arise- this is not suitable for every learner.
Development in language communication skills as learners begin to develop and learn about an area at a deeper level.

Other considerations

How to monitor progress?
Specific learning needs.
Tracking student progress.
Ensuring that there is buy in from the team as consistency is key in delivering the new approach.
The structure of expectations needs to be set clearly with the learners so they know how to make decisions that effects their learning journey.