Education as we will know it.

I really enjoyed the analogy of the tofu and the cheese. We’ve been working remotely since March and strangely I quite like it. I’ve experienced it in 2 settings and I’ve learned and am learning a lot. I agree with moving education forwards; this is time to reinvent the status quo, however this needs carefully … Read more

Kicking off LearnFest 2

Having answered the call for open-minded free thinkers able to reimagine schools we are interested to hear from you in the blog. Throughout the LearnFest we will post articles and ask provocative questions to inspire and guide our journey To start this process this we offer you something recent from Yong Zhao. http://zhaolearning.com/2020/04/16/tofu-is-not-cheese-reimagine-education-without-schools-during-covid19-2/ Our opening … Read more

Welcome to the LearnFest Blog!

We are pleased to host a space for our members to contribute their thoughts, ideas, resources, links, anything that might enrich our ongoing shared collaborative work.